News Wednesday 17 June 2020

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Care for the environment and nature is a distinctive feature of Le petit coco, an Made in Italy brand entirely .

The choice of non-toxic dyes, of processes aimed at saving energy and water, are essential points for the future and for Le petit coco.
We present a wide range of natural fabrics and accessories made respecting the environment. Jersey and gauze, in particular, are made of organic cotton. 

The prerogative of the plant is the absence of genetic modifiers and chemical fertilizers. In fact, only natural fertilizers that give the soil lasting nourishing properties are being used.

This choice allows for a water consumption reduction of 91% thus saving about 2000 liters per ton of cotton.

Thanks to natural treatments of the fibers, the cotton is softer and more resistant as well as being non-toxic, hypoallergenic and breathable

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